Conference „Medicine and conscience“- What do people need?"

The fifth international “medicine and conscience” congress will take place on October 14th and 15th 2016 in Nuremberg. Every five years since 1996 a series of IPPNW congresses has been held on this subject, each one dealing with various issues in the fields of human rights, global health, the history of medicine and medical ethics. The congress will feature not only renowned speakers but also will offer a platform to up-and-coming scientists.



Friday, October 14th, 2016

4:30 -5:00 pm
Opening of the Exhibition:
"Sweep them all away"   
Dr. Hansjörg and Ursel Ebell

5.00-5.30 pm
Dr. Holger Wentzlaff, IPPNW regional chapter Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen
Dr. Ulrich Maly, Lord Mayor of the City of Nuremberg
Dr. Heidemarie Lux, Vice-President of the Bavarian medical chamber
Dr. Klaus Dörner, Patron of the congress
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5:30-6:15 pm
Keynote: Small Ways to Corrupt a Physician in his Everyday Work
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühlein
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6:15-6:30 pm 
Keynote: Guidelines for Physicians: Who is Guiding Who and Where to?  Patient-oriented Treatment
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig
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6:30-7:15 pm 
Measuring Humans – Big Data and Confidentiality in Medicine

Dr. Thilo Weichert
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7:15-8:00 pm
Keynote: Healing under Fire – Medical Peace Work in the Field
Dr. Louisa Chan Boegli,English  Dr. Gabriella Arcadu, 4change
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8:00-8:30 pm                
International Medical Peace Work Award and Laudation
Musical accompaniment: Ines und Katja Lunkenheimer, piano
Press release Medical Peace Work Award

8:30 pm Get-together                    

Saturday, October, 15th, 2016                     

9:00-9:45 am
Keynote: Solidarity and Dignity – Assistance to Traumatised Women and Girls in Areas of War and Conflict
Dr. Monika Hauser, Medica Mondiale           

10:00 -12:00 am    
Medical Peace Work: Can Health Professionals Bring about a More Peaceful Society? New case studies on climate change, torture and refugee health
Dr. Klaus Melf, IPPNW Norway
Stefi Barna, Medact UK
Dr. Eva-Maria Schwienhorst-Stich, Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg

12:00 am - 1:30 pm
lunch break

1:30-3.30 pm
Global Medical Aid: How to Do no Harm, but Support Peace
Dr. Louisa Chan Boegli, 4change
Katja Maurer, Medico International
Carlotta Conrad, Medical peace Work/IPPNW Germany
Dr. Harald Kischlat, German Doctors

4:00-4.45 pm
Keynote: When Doctors just Want the Best
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dörner, Patron of the Congress
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4:45-5:30 pm
Lecture: Health as a Human Right – Human Rights in the Health System
Prof. Dr. Andreas Frewer
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5:30 pm
Closing plenary
Dr. Holger Wentzlaff, IPPNW regional chapter, and Carlotta Conrad, German IPPNW Board of Directors               


Gabriella Arcadu

iPhD is a political scientist with expertise in conflict affected, transitional/fragile states. She has 20 years of experience in institutional strengthening/capacity building and governance programmes. She has worked in S.E. and Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Balkans. Since the late 1990s she has been involved in the Health as a Bridge to Peace programme of the WHO, implementing actions in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Egypt and assisting in the development of an HBP training package. In 2005 she assisted in the drafting of the Health and DDR section of the Integrated Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Standards later adopted by the UN.


Stefi Barna

Stefi Barna

Stefi Barna teaches global public health at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, UK and at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India.  She works with Medact and  the Sustainable Healthcare Education network to draw attention to the health effects and structural violence of global environmental change.

Dr. Louisa Chan Boegli

MD, MPH is a core executive member of the Rugiagli Initiative, which she founded in 2012 with three other health and international affairs experts. The initiative, now integrated with 4change (Italy), focuses on building the capacity of national doctors working in conflict areas, and on promoting international collaboration in health as a bridge to peace. As a doctor, she worked in conflict areas for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization (WHO). For four years, she was the focal point for Health as a Bridge to Peace programme at WHO, where strategy, policy and projects were formulated and implemented


Prof. Dr. Andreas Frewer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Freweris Professor at the Institute for History of Medicine and Medical Ethics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He studied medicine, philosophy, and the history of medicine in Munich, Erlangen, Berlin, Vienna, Oxford, and Jerusalem. He wrote his dissertation on medical ethics and history of medicine at the Free University of Berlin and holds a European Master in Bioethics from the Universities of Leuven, Nijmegen, Basel, and Padua. He was Professor for Medical Ethics at the Institute for History, Ethics, and Philosophy of Medicine at Hanover Medical School and Managing Director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt.


Thomas Gebauer

Thomas Gebaueris executive director of Medico International, a Frankfurt based social-medical   relief  and human  rights organization.  He received a diploma in psychology from the University of Frankfurt. Since 1979 he has been involved in advocacy and international campaigning on global health. In 1991 he co-founded the Nobel Peace Prize winning ‘International Campaign to Ban Landmines’. He is a member of the steering committee of the ‘Joint Action and Learning Initiative’ promoting the idea of a ‘Framework Convention on Global Health’.

Dr. Monika Hauser

is the founder and Executive Board Member of the women's rights organisation Medica Mondiale. She has led a very international life: secondary schooling in Switzerland; extended stays in Israel and Sri Lanka; medical studies in Innsbruck, Austria, which she completed successfully in 1984; State Examination in Bologna, Italy; licence to practice medicine in Germany; assistant doctor in Essen, Germany; with further training and specialist certification in gynaecology. At the end of 1992, Monika Hauser sees media reports about the mass rape of Bosnian woman during the Bosnian war.


Piano Duo: Katja & Ines Lunkenheimer

Pianoduo Lunkenheimer

The sisters Katja and Ines Lunkenheimer began playing as a duo during their youth, and have since won the first prize in the German national music competition “Jugend musiziert”, as well as a special prize from the German Academy “Musikleben”. After that, they both directed their attention more to their solo piano training.

The sisters won many prizes at international competitions for piano duo: Prize winners at the international “Twenty Fingers Competition” in Valmontorie / Rome and at the international Piano Competition San Marino

Dr. Klaus Melf

Klaus Melfis Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the City of Bergen, Norway. He is about to receive the Norwegian medical specialty in Community Medicine, has a doctorate in occupational medicine, and a Master's degree in peace and conflict transformation. Since 2005 he is coordinating the EU funded Medical Peace Work Project, and for about 10 years he was board member of the Norwegian IPPNW.

Jörg Schaaber

Jörg Schaaberis a sociologist and Master of Public Health. He works for the German development NGO "BUKO Pharma Campaign" since 1981. He is the editor of the newsletter of the organisation and executive officer of "Good Pills – Bad Pills", a lay drug bulletin which is a joint project of four German drug bulletins. Jörg Schaaber is a co-founder of Health Action International (HAI) and has been a member of the executive board of HAI-Europe from 1988-2001. He is a patient representative in the drug committee of the German public health insurance. Until June 2016, he was President of the International Society of Drug Bulletins.

Eva-Maria Schwienhorst-Stich

Eva-Maria Schwienhorst-Stich, MD, DTMPH, MScIH has worked in paediatrics and clinical tropical medicine and currently works for the German Leprosy and TB Relief Association (DAHW), an NGO with medical and social projects for vulnerable populations in 20 countries. She is co-founder of Medinetz Mainz e.V. - a clearing house for refugees, migrants and people without papers. Since 2006 she is the Deputy International Councillor of the German affiliate of IPPNW. She has interned at the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University in Canada, where “Peace through Health” had been developed and is a member of the working group of Medical Peace Work (MPW). She is involved in teaching global health issues at several universities and has lately co-authored several case studies for the teaching of issues around MPW, Global Health and among this refugee health.

Dr. Anna von Villiez

Dr Anna von VilliezDr. Anna von Villiez holds a PhD in German History from the University of Hamburg. After working at Oxford Brookes University since 2007 in the “Victims of Human Experiments under National Socialism Project” as a research officer she took a post at the State and University Library Hamburg at the unit for provenance research in 2015. She also teaches at the University of Hamburg. Her research interests include: medicine under National Socialism, Jewish medical refugees, and concepts of race in history. Her monography “Mit aller Kraft verdrängt. Entrechtung und Verfolgung ‘nicht arischer’ Ärzte in Hamburg 1933 bis 1945” was published in 2009 by Dölling & Galitz.

Exhibition: "Sweep Them All away"

This exhibition is dedicated to the Jewish physicians that had their medical license revoked by the Nazi authorities in 1938. It shows the life stories of 20 physicians from South Germany that stand by way of example for thousands of others in the whole of the country. In 1933 approximately 8,000 Jewish doctors were practising in Germany.

The Chair of the National Socialist Association of German Physicians, Dr. Gerhard Wagner, in March 1933, he was referring to those doctors when he incited all German physicians to: "Sweep them all away, those who do not want to understand the signs of the time!" The medical community was only too willing to follow his words and fit in with the new regulations. Blow by blow the Jewish physicians were driven out of the community. Following the revocation of their medical licenses came the ban on Jews working as dentists, veterinarians or pharmacists on January 31, 1939.

The exhibition is shown at the auditorium during the congress.

Ausstellung: Fegt alle hinweg,



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